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Yuan Shi(SuQian) Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Is a comprehensive hi-tech enterprise. Our businesses include scientific research, development, production & international trade. we are a leading developer and manufacturer of hi-tech chemicals, the main products are Elisa chromogenic reagent (TMB) series for biochemical clinic inspection reagents, biological buffering agent series(EGTA,MES, TAPS, PIPES,BICINE,BIS-TRIS PROPANE,TRICINE, ACES),pharmaceutical intermediate and electronic chemicals (PCP,DCPCP),etc. These products are well sold in China, EU, USA, and Southeast Asia. Moreover, we also can offer you contract ....More Information

>> Add: Economic Development Zone North Wei'er Road Suqian
>> Domestic sales department:
>> Contact: Mr. Yuan +86-13851387644 Ms.Yang +86-13951399608
>> Tel: +86-527-84500458 Fax: +86-527-84226680
>> Export department: M's lee
>> Tel: +86-527-84226689 Fax : +86-527-84226679
>> E-mail: [email protected]

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